Privacy Policy

Hipsley Farm Cottages

Who we are

Hipsley Farm Cottages is a business that is owned and run by Richard and Ann Prosser. It is a holiday home rental business which rents out a number of properties (currently 10) on a short-term rental basis to those requiring such accommodation.

Our website address is and contact details can be found at the bottom right of every page on the website.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

There are two type of data (information) we collect from you:

1. The information you give us, for example by filling in our booking form, which enables us to provide our service to you. This includes, for example, contact details to enable us to get in touch with you, but may also include more personal information such as information about a medical condition or disability, which enables us to personalise our service to you in an appropriate manner. The information you provide in this way is used solely to enable us to provide our service to you. We do not pass that data on to any third parties for marketing, analysis or any other purpose.

2. Technical information, such as IP address, or type of device you are using to access our website, which is captured by software that runs on our website to enable us to do such things as see usage trends and manage the security of the website. This information is anonymous to us. We do not know, and have no interest in knowing, the names of people accessing our website, but we may be interested in knowing, for example, if usage on mobile phones is overtaking usage on desktops or if a particular IP address is repeatedly trying to access files on the website that are part of the infrastructure of the site and not intended for public access.